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Pacsafe® was established in 1998 by two Aussie friends who have sailed most of the oceans and clocked up visits to more than 80 countries. Their own experiences and those of other travellers convinced them for the need of no-nonsense travel security and from that their eXomesh® anti-theft technology was born and formed the first-ever, award-winning Pacsafe® anti-theft backpack protector.

Pacsafe was inspired by the turtle and its independent wanderings, with the turtle's shell representing the smart security that they stand for in their products. In September 2010, the company took part and sponsored the International Coastal Cleanup challenge in Hong Kong to help prevent sea turtles, marine mammals, seabirds and other animals from getting sick, injured or killed from dangerous items we allow into the sea. In November 2013, Pacsafe took part again by sponsoring Ecovision Asia and participating in the Coastal Cleanup Challenge at Shek Pai Wan beach located on the Southeast Lamma Island.

Pacsafe have won numerous awards such as the International iF product design for the Z-28 heritage anti-theft urban backpack.

Our best selling Pacsafe products are their WalletSafe 100 Tri-fold Travel Wallet, Cashsafe Money Belt and ProSafe 800 TSA Approved 3-dial Cable Lock.

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