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Mountain Safety Research (MSR) began with a single purpose: to make the backcountry safer for mountaineers. In the decades that followed, they stayed true to that goal, and used their knowledge of engineering and science to find better solutions to the challenges of the mountains.'

MSR or Mountain Safety Research began life as a newsletter in 1969 covering topics such as mountaineering safety by Larry Penberthy which is still going today albeit in the form of the MSR Blog which also covers product reviews, technical articles, travel reviews.

During 1973 Larry created the MSR 'Model 9' camping stove which was reasonably efficient in the cold weather. He also developed an ice axe that was supposed to dig into the ice better and to stop a person sliding. The world was then introduced to metal shafted axes which replaced the wooden ones that people were used to.

MSR now produce a huge range of outdoor gear & equipment used for camping, mountaineering and hiking, with everything being designed for those that are new to these outdoor activities, or a regular enthusiast.

Our best selling MSR products are their alpine stowaway pots, groundhog stake kits, alpine dish/brush scraper, as well as all of their stoves

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