Zippo Manufacturing Co. was founded by George G Blaisdell in 1932. The first Zippo lighter was made and produced in 1933. They became popular with the US military.  After World War II, the Zippo lighter became increasingly used in advertising by companies large and small through the 1960s. Many of the early advertisements are works of art painted by hand and as technology has evolved, so has the design and finish of the Zippo lighter although the basic mechanism of the Zippo lighter has remained unchanged.

In 2002, Zippo expanded its product line to include a variety of utility-style multi-purpose lighters, known as the Zippo MPL. This was followed in 2005 with the Outdoor Utility Lighter, known as the OUL. These lighters are fuelled with butane. In August 2007 they released a butane lighter called the Zippo BLU. On June 5th 2012 Zippo celebrated the production of its 500,000,000th lighter as well as the company being 80 years old.

Zippos are also highly popular with backpackers as they have gained notoriety for being windproof and more reliable in cold weather than a butane lighter. They now even do the "Zippo Outdoor" range, designed specifically for camping & outdoor.

Our best selling Zippo products are their Zippo hand warmers, the 1941 Replica Logo Black Ice Lighter and the Zippo Brushed Chrome

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