Adventure Medical Kits

Adventure Medical Kit's core mission is to...

...provide innovative, high quality first aid and preparedness products for work, home, and your next adventure.

Tender Corporation headquarters is located in the heart of the White Mountains in Littleton, New Hampshire. The company was founded in 1973, incorporated in 1977, and manufactures the world-famous Adventure Medical Kits 

Many of Tender's products are packaged in innovative ways that allow them to be convenient to use as well as environmentally friendly.

The creators of the Adventure Medical Kit pride themselves on producing products of the highest quality, providing the best sales and service for our customers while creating value for our employees and our community. They see their employees as their greatest asset and strive to build a strong united team in order to accomplish their goals and achieve their vision: to enjoy the outdoors in every condition. 

They place a strong emphasis on work ethic, quality assurance, and efficiency which they feel are important in creating a successful business and work environment.

Adaptability and change are two concepts that Tender Corporation also strongly embraces. They feel that being nimble and flexible is important to our business and our working environment. We are made up of many different cultures, backgrounds, and styles which when combined have proven their success. To this end, Tender Corporation will also strive to adapt and improve as the need arises in order to continue their growth and success for the benefit of their customers, employees, and their community.

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