Since 1975, Asolo gained an important...

worldwide leadership position in technical, performance footwear. 

The product range covered footwear from expedition and alpine demands, to more relaxed lifestyle and leisure activities. Asolo became one of the few companies in the world to completely cover the whole outdoor area. Modern synthetic materials, leather and innovative technologies plus the revolutionary "Asoflex" system combined in the making of the model "Scout"- the first trekking shoe made in Cordura fabric.

1980s: The AFS system is born, the first shoe created for professional alpinists using a single moulded structure in thermo-plastic materials, making it consistent, resilient, lightweight and adaptable. At the same time Asolo also started a close collaboration with WL Gore - GORE-TEX® in order to develop a new range of breathable and waterproof boots. Asolo won the "Golden Compass" award from the Industrial Design Association for its Gore-Tex Footwear.

1990s: Research continues. Asolo introduced new innovative technologies such as Asoframe and Asoflex. In collaboration with a prestigious American organization, Asolo created GLOBALINE, inspired using biomechanics, to produce the most natural partnership between fit and shoes.

2000s: Innovative technologies continued to be combined with design. The model FSN 95 GTX was awarded "The best shoe of the year in backpacking category" in America. New technologies such as DuoAsoflex, Asosorb and the Micro Pulley System were developed. Introduction of the new "Fusion line" with the concept of lightness and unique designs was introduced and brought new colorations into Hiking and Trekking products.

2010s: ASOLO has become one of the market leaders in Europe and continues to build its prominence in the important export markets of North America, Asia and Eastern Europe. Its strategy of producing all its products in Europe, with its headquarters in Nervesa (Italy) continues to be model of success. Customers appreciate the combination of family tradition, innovation, quality and fit of ASOLO footwear. Introduction of the new "Natural Shape" line in light hiking category is rewarded in January 2013 by models Athena (women) and Reston (men) winning the prestigious "Editors Choice Awards" by Backpacker Magazine in the USA.

2014s: Innovation and technology continues. The American editors of Rock & Ice  award the model Eiger GV the B.I.G. (Best in Gear product). Credited for its superior warmth to weight ratio, comfort on long approaches and top performance on extreme routes.

2015s: Asolo celebrates its 40° anniversary as a world leader in outdoor footwear.

2016-2017: Asolo received the recognition «Hall of Fame» by the American Backpacker Magazine and the «Kauf Tipp» by the German Outdoor Magazine for his model Drifter GV symbol of innovation & performance.

For the future, Asolo objective remains to continuously create high quality and innovative products that are at the very top of their class.

The Production:

Asolo production is 100% made in its own factories in Europe. In Italy we produce the Alpine line and make samples and prototypes. Our main production unit is based in Sibiu, Romania, in which we produce all the other categories of products. The Romanian factory is entirely managed and supervised by Asolo.

Product Innovation:

Asolo has always been dedicated to innovation and to extend the great art of footwear, through innovation. Asolo is dedicated to producing footwear with the maximum wearing comfort and lightness. The study of ergonomic fit, new technologies and the use of modern materials, has contributed to the evolution of Asolo outdoor footwear over the years. However, the Asolo brand remains a "self of quality" in this continual evolution.

Quality and Service:

Asolo is dedicated to design, manufacture and assemble the best outdoor footwear in the world. Today, more than ever, the quality and workmanship remain the keywords in all Asolo production. The Asolo technology, aesthetics, and production process is 100% owned by Asolo. From the R&D team, to prototyping, from the selection of materials to the production line, everything is managed, monitored and controlled directly by the company and is the guarantee of a high production quality. To add service to its reputation, Asolo has a distribution network of approximately 6,000 retail shops that represent the brand in more than 40 countries. Asolo back all this with the finest after-sales service that exists anywhere.

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