AtmoSphere World Globes

Atmosphere world globes were founded in 1950 and produce contemporary globes. They focus on modern and contemporary designs. Their company slogan is "Standing out brightly among billions of stars", emphasising the companies focus on visual beauty.

Atmosphere world globes use Danish design and Italian manufacturing in order to create globes that are entirely European. Atmosphere started our with a mission to produce particularly aesthetically pleasing globes that can also be used for reference. Hence the globe above was created and name the "Atmosphere". This is a well priced globe that has great educational value due to its dual mapping feature. In the picture shown the Atmosphere has physical mapping (deserts and forests etc are given visual preference), when the Atmosphere is illuminated the map changes to political mapping, where all the countries light up in different colours, making country boundaries more visible.

More recently Atmosphere world globes have produced design lead models focusing on contemporary visual appeal. This became the vision range which gives no compromise on quality.

The vision range was designed with style as opposed to function in mind, each member of the vision series would look great in a modern home or office.

Atmosphere World Globes produce high quality European designer items that have proven very popular.

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