Bloc Eyewear

BLOC Systems Ltd was established in 1988...

...with the creation of BLOC eyewear, the first brand in the portfolio. This fuelled a revolution in sports and fashion eyewear across the world and over the forthcoming years. 

BLOC blew apart the notion that perfection can only be achieved with excessive price.

With nearly 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing, the creative team at BLOC generate new product ideas and designs in-house. They find that the ability to work closely with factories is key to sustaining successful product development and nurturing new ideas.

BLOC's ability to both forecast and react quickly to changes in sport and street fashion alike play a crucial part in their growth and development as a company. Unlike other global companies, they are determined to never become complacent with their success and to always focus on new inspiration.

They have carefully selected partners such as to represent the product range worldwide, thus protecting the integrity and future of the brand, offering the very best support and back-up service to every customer.

BLOC's desire for perfection is limitless, as they continue to explore the boundaries of new production materials and eye protection. In an increasingly competitive world, the dream of offering the very best is now a reality.

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