FELCO's aim has always been, and always will be, to offer innovative and durable...

 solutions to commercial pruning and cutting markets. 

Even though their business strategy is very much oriented towards the professional market, domestic users are not left out: those who enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done must also have access to the best cutting and pruning tools.

FELCO has forever sought to produce very high quality tools by making use of precise procedures, with a single goal in mind: excellence. Various third-party certifications in areas as diverse as Quality, Environment and Safety are testimony to this. 

Sustainable development and FELCO: two synonyms to illustrate the deliberate commitment of all FELCO personnel over the last 70 years to provide professional end users with a product of utmost quality that is designed, made and distributed in accordance with our values.

FELCO tools are designed to work in harmony with nature. Pruning professionals worldwide appreciate the clean, precise-cutting models because they guarantee the quick healing of the pruning wound.

However, our respect for Mother Nature does not end there. At FELCO, everyone works hard at minimising the environmental impact of the manufacturing processes. Their robust tools and our long-held philosophy of providing spare parts combine to extend tool life, and thus minimise needless waste.

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