Lorpen's founders were looking to make innovative...

... and functional socks for walking and hiking enthusiasts.

Lorpen are now a company with manufacturing facilities located on two continents and sell their technical outdoor socks in 56 countries worldwide.

Whilst they have experienced significant growth, their founders still manage the company with their original vision intact, to produce the best technical socks for serious outdoor activities.

It's not unusual for the Lorpen sock designers to head out into the local mountains that surround their headquarters in the morning before returning to design socks in the afternoon. This is what makes Lorpen different. Their passion and commitment to excellence is a direct result of living and working in a natural environment.

Their vision also includes a commitment to preserve the environment in every aspect of business. This means that whenever Lorpen possible work with fibres that are created from sustainable and manageable resources. They also develop manufacturing processes that are sensitive to the environment and reduce the amount of post production waste at all levels.

All of this is accomplished whilst they continue to bring new products to the market that increase the users comfort and durability. 

In short, Lorpen are driven by their passion to make the best socks in the world.

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