Every torch made by Mag Instrument, Inc....

... represents one mans abiding commitment to product quality.

Anthony Maglica is the president of Mag Instrument, Inc. and the creator of the MAGLITE® flashlight, now an icon of classic American design.

Armed with only his talent, his determination and his reverence for hard work, Tony Maglica set out in pursuit of the American Dream when he founded Mag Instrument in 1955. 

When he went on to design and manufacture a product that revolutionized an industry, he realised that Dream in full. 

Born in New York City during the Great Depression, Tony Maglica was raised in his mothers native Croatia. He was a small child when his mother decided to return to Croatia so that he could be raised close to her family. In 1950, with the country in the ruins of World War II and Communists in control, Tony escaped back to America. Here he set out to make the most of his training as an experimental machinist, though he spoke no English. He taught himself a few words a day while taking employment where he could find it, and worked for himself in what were supposed to be his off hours. Still it was a struggle to save any money. Finally he managed to save $125, the down payment on his first lathe. So began Tony Maglicas quest for the American Dream: There in his one-man machine shop in a Los Angeles area garage, he knew that his days of working for other people were behind him. He was, at last, in business for himself and Maglite as we know it, was in production.

Mr. Maglica began by manufacturing precision parts for industry, aerospace and the military. He quickly earned a reputation for quality, efficiency and ingenuity. Mag Instrument was eventually incorporated in 1974. By that time, Mr. Maglica had clearly demonstrated his innovative techniques for cutting production costs and increasing quality. Continuous improvement is a talent that continues to keep his company ahead of the competition. Mr. Maglica established a hands-on leadership style, as well as a core business philosophy of combining superior quality of all Maglite products with unsurpassed customer service.

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