Vango was established in 1966 and has...

... a long and memorable history in designing and manufacturing outdoor equipment. They endeavour to be at the forefront of cutting edge design and innovation within the outdoor and camping world, an ambition which they have continued to strive for since the beginning of our journey.

Vango take great pride in their research and development which has led to many groundbreaking products which continue to perform and exceed expectations long after others have fallen by the wayside. They have, and continue to achieve true innovation.

Family camping has never been so comfortable. Whether you want to relax or get active, Vango tents and tent additions incorporate intelligent features to make sure you have the best holiday possible. 

Go light, go wild, go explore! Vango trekking tents are designed to be lightweight with a small pack size, but still deliver great stability and strength in adverse weather conditions. 

Vango synthetic and down sleeping bags offer superb warmth to weight ratios using premium fabrics and fills. From old favourites like the Explorer rucksack through to modern classics such as the Sherpa, our rucksacks are well featured to ensure a great fit and a comfortable carry. Look out for rucksacks, tents and sleeping bags recommended by the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme and The Scouts Association.

Mountain biking, festivals, hill walking; whatever you like to fill your weekends with our adventure range is designed to make it easy for you to get away with your friends. Features such as gothic arch give you extra head room, and large vestibules provide plenty of room for kit or even just for hanging out. 

Vango make tents and equipment for families to camp in comfort, adventurers to go light and wild, and for mountaineers to survive in extreme conditions. From campsite to summit, trail to mountain, Vango makes every inch of the outdoors your playground.

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Vango 4x4M Tarp
 In Stock
RRP: £75.00
Vango AC/DC Electric Pump
 In Stock
RRP: £21.50
Vango Banshee Gear Store
 In Stock
RRP: £55.00
Vango DC Electric Pump
 In Stock
RRP: £11.00
Vango Deep Sleep Ergo Pillow
 In Stock
RRP: £16.00
Vango Double Flocked Airbed
 In Stock
RRP: £27.00
Vango Family Cutlery Set
 In Stock
RRP: £11.00
Vango Firestarter (Orange)
 In Stock
RRP: £9.00
Vango Flux 28 Backpack
 In Stock
RRP: £35.00
Vango Freedom II 80+20 Backpack
 In Stock
RRP: £120.00
Vango Genie 250 Lamp
 In Stock
RRP: £30.00
Vango Lyt 15 Backpack
 In Stock
RRP: £20.00
Vango Lyt 20 Backpack
 In Stock
RRP: £25.00
Vango Mens Grivola Boots
 In Stock
RRP: £79.95
Vango Mesh Bag Set
 In Stock
RRP: £8.50
Vango Navigator 25 Rucksack
 In Stock
RRP: £45.00
Vango Nevis 300 3 Person Tent
 In Stock
RRP: £130.00
Vango Pathfinder 65 Backpack
 In Stock
RRP: £65.00
Vango Pinnacle Rucksack 60:70
 In Stock
RRP: £110.00
Vango Planet 100 Sleeping Bag
 In Stock
RRP: £55.00
Vango Planet 50 Sleeping Bag
 In Stock
RRP: £50.00
Vango Self Inflating Pillow
 In Stock
RRP: £8.00
Vango Sherpa 60:70S Rucksack
 In Stock
RRP: £90.00
Vango Single Flocked Airbed
 In Stock
RRP: £17.00
Vango Skye 300 Tent
 In Stock
RRP: £130.00
Vango Skye 400 Tent
 In Stock
RRP: £150.00
Vango Skye Tall Stool
 In Stock
RRP: £22.50